The Highland Regional High School Band program is in it's 43rd year of existence.  We would like to chronicle the history of the band program here at HRHS in the page before you.  If you are a former band student, and have any missing or extra information to add to the history page, or have historical accounts that we can share here, please contact us at  Follow the links below to the desired historical look at Highland's band.


The following is a list of the fine individuals who have led the Highland Regional High School Band over the years. 



Director's Name

1967 - 1973


Joseph DiMenna

1973 - 1997


John W. Tumminia, Sr.

1997 - 2001


Douglas A. Schmidt



Scott Slutter *



Brian T. Gilbert **



Zachary D. Cogdill #

2002 - Present

10 +

Christopher R. Tumminia

* - Scott Slutter was approved as Director of Bands upon Mr. Schmidt's departure to Timber Creek High School.  However, before he served a regular school day, Mr. Slutter resigned.

** - Mr. Gilbert took over for Mr. Slutter and served into early 2002 before resigning himself, midyear.

# - Mr. Cogdill was approved on short notice due to the sudden departure of Mr. Gilbert, and served the remainder of the 2001-2002 school year.


Can you help us fill in some of the missing award winners from any year?  PLEASE email us at if you can!

YEAR John Philip Sousa Award Winner Louis Armstrong Award Winner Band Leadership Award Winner 
1977-1978 Doug Murray
1982-1983 George Daisey
1992-1993 Jennifer (Schafhauser) Wood Nicole LaGorga
1994-1995 Tammy Matchner    
1995-1996   Adam Schafhauser   
1997-1998 David Conrad Brian Murphy  
1998-1999 Lindsay Taylor Robert Wyatt  
1999-2000 Greg Stonerock Michael Belay  
2000-2001 John Perovich    
2001-2002 Victoria Milano    
2002-2003 Nicole Schafhauser Adam Fulginiti Timothy Jarvela
2003-2004 Katherine Steet Joe Kwiatkowski Sandi Tait 
2004-2005 James Livengood Julio Santiago Kurt Meakim
2005-2006 Adam Jarvela William Livengood Angela Lin
2006-2007 William Livengood Vincent Bruno Christopher Wirtz
2007-2008 Elizabeth Smith Sunkwon Bush Laura Szmidt
2008-2009 Sara Pawloski David Hanson Adeline Cruz
2009-2010 Marissa Johnston Bryan Gilman Nicole Berry



To be added to our alumni directory,
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1966-1969 Steve Sejda Trumpet, Cornet
1966-1970 Steve Mason Trumpet, Trombone, Drum Major
1967-1970 Stephen H. Ryan Sousaphone
1969-1972 Gary R. Mason Trumpet, Cornet
1969-1972 Cathy (Webert) Eggles Clarinet/Color Guard Co-Captain
1969-1972 Patty (Corsoe) Mastrando Trumpet, Cornet
1970-1974 Linda R. Krauss Clarinet, Front
1970-1974 Barbara (Sejda) Sterner French Horn
1971-1974 Anthony Garofalo Trumpet, Cornet
1972-1975 Susan Beetle Saxophone, Trombone
1972-1975 Amy (Parker) Hundley Flute, Piccolo, Flag
1972-1976 Bill Hearn Trumpet
1973-1976 Cathy (Maguire) Valentino Baritone Horn, Flag
1973-1976 Jules Alexander Trumpet
1974-1978 David L. Toliver Drums, Drum Captain
1974-1978 Claire (Harman) Beard Flag, American Flag
1974-1978 Doug Murray Bari Sax/Band Pres. Sr. yr(77-78)
1974-1976 Janis (Imperatore) Hueftle Flute, Piccolo, Flag, Indoor Guard
1975-1978 Olga Mascio Clarinet, Trumpet, French Horn
1975-1978 Michele Knecht Lascio Band Front
1975-1979 Theresa Michalak Deehan French Horn, Rifle
1975-1979 Mike Keeley Trumpet
1975-1979 Bob Jones Alto Saxophone
1975-1979 Mark L. Smith Trumpet, Baritone Horn, '79 Vice-President
1976-1978 Mary Simrin Reynolds Flag, f-horn, Drum major
1976-1979 Carol Schroeder Masiello Bassoon, Rifle, Indoor Guard
1976-1979 Eileen Straub Flute/Piccolo
1976-1979 Michael Morelli Drums
1976-1979 Denise Fallows Ringenary Flag/Indoor Guard
1976-1979 Denise Alexander Marks Majorette
1976-1980 Elizabeth (Gerhardt) McCormack Clarinet / Band Front
1976-1980 Jacqueline (Penney) Bajc Sabre and Rifle
1977-1978 Frank Morelli Alto Saxophone
1977-1978 Maureen Jarvies-Cadena Sousaphone
1977-1979 Sheryl Tricocci Drums, Trumpet
1977-1981 Jeff Mullen Trombone, Rifle
1977-1981 David St. Leger (Spanky) Drum Capt., Jazz Band Bass
1978-1979 Diane (Wood) Makin Color Guard / Flag
1978-1981 Stuart Altschuler Sousaphone
1978-1981 Cathleen (Conover) Bronsky Saxaphone/Flag/Baton
1979-1983 Chuck Butler French Horn, Trumpet, Piano
1979-1983 Sandy (Miller) Ebersole
1979-1983 George Daisey Tuba(Marching/Concert); Trombone(Jazz)
1979-1983 Stephanie (Malfara) Keller Flute, Piccolo
1979-1983 Bill Scargill Trumpet
1980-1982 Tim Campbell Trombone
1984-1987 Anthony Briggs Baritone Horn, Co-Drum Major, President (87)
1984-1988 John Ewing Drums/Percussion
1985-1988 Christy (Avallone) Krieger Rifle, Color Guard, Pom Poms
1985-1989 Lori (McCann) Burton Clarinet, Alto Sax, Treasurer (87-88), Secretary (88-89), Flag
1986-1988 Tyrone Lovelace Bass / Bells
1988-1989 Jennifer (Haas) Stokes Flags, Pom-Poms
1987-1990 Elizabeth Scanzello  Flute, Piccolo
1988-1990 Sarah Carpo Clarinet
1988-1991 Adelyn Bersalona Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
1988-1992 Michelle Holland-Frasier Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
1988-1992 May (Bersalona) DiCola Clarinet, Bass Guitar
1989-1991 Ron Batdorf Trumpet
1989-1993 Rachel Hauser Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe
1989-1993 Gary Sheffler Drums
1989-1993 Nicole LaGorga Flute, Saxophone, Drum Major
1989-1993 Patty (Watson) Peterson Co-Drum Major (92-93), Color Guard
1989-1993 Catherine Revak French Horn, Trumpet
1989-1993 Jennifer (Schafhauser) Wood Trombone
1990-1992 Kristyn Robinson Color Guard
1990-1994 Lisa A. Daisey Band Front
1991-1995 Melanie Flury  Trumpet
1992-1994 Deanna (Buzzello) Washburn Trombone, Color Guard
1992-1994 Vanessa Kolinsky Clarinet
1992-1994 Corey Fogel Drums
1992-1995 Colleen Desmond Color Guard (Co-Captain 94-95)
1992-1996 Nicola Battistini Saxophone
1992-1996 Tara Sorgentoni Drums
1992-1996 Stephanie (McManus) Huston Band Front, Captain 1995-96
1993-1994 Kelly Bakley Trumpet
1995-1997 Susan Baker Clarinet
1994-1998 Colleen (Gee) Adams Color Guard, Trumpet
1994-1998 David Conrad Trumpet
1995-1999 David Drinkwater Saxophone, Drum Major '98
1995-1999 Lindsay Taylor Clarinet, Band President '99
1996-2000 Derrick E. Jacobus Alto, Baritone Saxophone, Sax Section Ldr
1996-2000 Michael Belay Percussion
1996-2000 Steven Mervine Clarinet, Bass Drum, Low Brass
1996-2000 Vanessa Walko Color Guard, Flute, Trombone
1996-2000 April (Barry) Pohler Flute, Piccolo
1997-2000 Kristen Hehl Trumpet
1997-2000 James (Jamie) King Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Low Brass Section Leader (1999-2000), VicePresident (1998-99)
1997-2001 Ashley Taylor Color Guard (Co-Captain 00-01)
1997-2001 Adam Murphy Clarinet, Bass Drum
1997-2001 Lauren Kessler Bassoon, Flute, Mellophone
1997-2001 John Perovich French Horn, Asst. Drum Major 98, Drum Major 99-00
1997-2001 Tiffani Lynn Stanley (Blodgett) French horn, color guard, trombone, cymbals, bass drum
1998-2001 Jim Orchard Trombone, Cymbals, Bass Drum
1997-2002 Steven Klink Saxophone, Tuba, Low Brass
1998-2001 Dan Ulrich Bass Drum, Snare, Drum Set
1998-2002 Elizabeth Sanford Mellophone, French Horn, Clarinet, VP 01 , Sect. leader 01
1998-2002 Melissa Aliff Flute, Trumpet
1998-2003 Teyonna Stanley Flute, Mellophone, Oboe, Drum Major 02-03
1998-2003 Tim Jarvela Saxophone, Percussion (Tenors)
1999-2000 Erin Cloud Flute
1999-2000 Mark Shriver Flute, Marching Snare
1999-2000 Lisa Delayo Color Guard
1999-2001 Michael Wyatt Percussion
1999-2002 Alicia Halina Flute, Piccolo, Euphonium
1999-2003 Joe Werner Alto, Tenor Saxophone, Snare and Bass Drum, Battery Captain
1999-2003 Brittany Dutcher Saxophone, Euphonium, Trombone
1999-2003 Michelle Steet Flute, Cymbals
1999-2003 Nicole Schafhauser Flute, Cymbals, Mallets, Pit Captain 03
1999-2003 Adam Fulginiti Percussion
1999-2003 Stacey Cifelli Color Guard
1999-2004 Sandi Tait  Drum Major 03-04, Color Guard Captain, Flute 
1999-2004 Mike Bishop Percussion
2000-2004 Larry Lee Alto/Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Bass Gtr, Tuba, Synth, Line Capt.....
2000-2004 Katherine Steet  Clarinet, WW Section Leader
2000-2004 Rosie Forlano  Color Guard Captain, Flute, Indoor Guard, Drumline Cymbals 
2000-2004 Ashley Zervos  Color Guard Captain, Flute, Indoor Guard 
2000-2004 Stefanie Radwanski  Color Guard Captain, Flute, Indoor Guard 
2000-2005 Michael Schuman Baritone Hn., Trombone, Brass Sect. Ldr., Asst. Drum Major 04-05
2000-2007 Will Livengood Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piano
2000-2007 Vincent Bruno Trumpet, Asst. Drum Major 06-07, Brass Sect. Leader
2001-2003 Stephanie Commons Color Guard, Color Guard Co/Tri-Captain
2001-2004 Edwin J. Pierce  Color Guard, Trombone 
2001-2004 Jon Morales  Latin Percussion 
2001-2005 James Livengood  Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano 
2001-2005 Joseph Bruno III Baritone Horn, Valve Trombone
2001-2006 Victoria Dermond Flute, Bass Trombone, Piano, Cymbals, Color Guard, Drum Major 04-05
2001-2006 Adam Jarvela Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone Horn, Tenors, Asst. Drum Major 05-06, Brass Section Leader
2001-2007 Vincent Pappert Trumpet
2001-2007 Angela Lin Flute, Tenor Sax, Drum Major 05-06, WW Captain, Indoor Guard, Indoor Drumline
2001-2007 Domenick Ferranti Trumpet
2002-2004 Rob Dare  Electric Bass, Bass Drum 
2002-2004 Idiono Edem Clarinet, Woodwind Section Leader
2002-2004 Joe "JK" Kwiatkowski  Electric Guitar, Mallets 
2002-2005 Melissa Cleary Piano, Mallets
2002-2005 Kurt Meakim Percussion, Battery Captain
2002-2005 Julio Santiago Saxophone, Drum Set, Latin Percussion
2002-2004 Alex Birchmeier  Bass Drum, Trombone 
2002-2004 Ashley Beckford Bass Drum, Percussion, Color Guard, Jazz Ens Crew 
2002-2006 Brian Cloud Trombone, Bass Guitar, Pit Percussion (Captain '05)
2002-2006 Laura Matricciano Clarinet
2002-2006 Courtney O'Grady Color Guard (Captain '04-'05)
2002-2006 Ashley Trasser Color Guard (Captain '04-'05) Indoor Capt '06
2002-2006 Geoff Moran Clarinet, Bass Drum, Drum Set
2002-2006 Katie Hehl Trumpet, Mellophone, French Horn, Bass Drum, Cymbals
2002-2006 Victoria Lynn Schmidt Flute, Piccolo, Bass Drum, Cymbals, Battery Captain '05
2002-2007 Ken Roach Tenor Saxophone
2002-2007 Anthony Graves All Percussion, Tuba, Elec. Keybd., Equipment Master
2003-2004 Nila Colon-Street  Clarinet, Drumline Manager 
2003-2004 Kelly Alexander  Mallets
2003-2005 Jocelyn Jones Alto Clarinet
2003-2006 Francis George Lapp III Guitar, Timpani, Mallets, Drum Rack
2003-2006 Bryan Enright Alto Saxophone, Valve Trombone, Bass Drum, Tuba
2003-2006 Erin Marshall Mallets, Pit Captain '05
2003-2006 Emily Szmidt Snare Drum
2003-2006 Beth Ann N. Zubrzycki Flute, Indoor Percussion, Color Guard
2003-2007 Stephanie Klingberg Color Guard
2003-2007 Christopher Wirtz Trumpet
2003-2007 Kristin Mogck Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
2003-2007 Danielle Glover Pit Percussion, Pit Captain 06-07
2003-2007 Ken Norman Tenor Saxophone, Class Clown
2004-2005 Clarice Haywood Flute
2004-2005 Jamie Wert Bass Guitar
2004-2006 Walt Fitzgerald Bass Guitar, Bass Drum
2004-2006 Mandi Shrader Pit Percussion, Color Guard, Tenor Saxophone
2004-2007 Crystal Bayard Percussion
2004-2007 Brian Wert Percussion, Drum Set
2004-2008 Gary Cain Tuba, bass drum, trombone,clarinet
2005-2006 Stacey Brown Pit Percussion
2005-2009 Adeline Cruz clarinet, mellophone, Asst Drum Major 2007, Drum Major 2008, trumpet, cymbals, pit
2006-2007 Jennifer Reed Color Guard
2006-2007 Ykesha Lindsey Cymbals, Mallets
2006-2009 Stephen Bayer Pit Percussion, Tenor Saxophone
2006-2009 Amanda Beard Clarinet, Trombone, Pit Percussion, Pit Captain '08-'09
2007-2009 Samantha DeLorenzo pit percussion, indoor 09 captain


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